New Arrivals: Indian Incense by Shroff Channabasappa

Shroff Channabasappa

Spring is here! We are excited to be introducing a new incense brand to Lotus Zen - Shroff Channabasappa. Shroff’s incense is superb quality and fans of Pure Incense and Temple of Incense will love what they have to offer.

Shroff make some of the finest Indian incense on the market. All sticks are handmade in India and hand-rolled using woods, florals, halmaddi, aromatic herbs and essential oils. They have been in business since 1882 having supplied incense to the Maharaja of Mysore and having been the first Indian incense manufacturer to have participated in London's trade fair in 1930.

There are two main types of incenses in the Shroff collection. ‘Dry’ and ‘wet/soft’ masalas. Masala incense consists of a bamboo stick coated with a paste of base and aromatic ingredients. Champas are a sub-type of Masala sticks and contain halmaddi, a fragrant resinous binding ingredient renowned for its floral scent. In this range, the dry masalas tend to be on the classic side and the wet masalas slightly more modern.

Lotus Zen is the first current UK based retailer to be selling authentic Shroff Channabasappa incense and we can’t wait for you to experience just how beautiful these scents are! You can find the full range here or read below for a breakdown of each incense.

Dry Masalas

Shroff’s dry masalas feature classic Indian incenses.
Jasmine 1940 is one of our favourites, a nostalgic jasmine with hints of cherry sandalwood and spices. The recipe has been untouched since the 1940’s making this an old classic. Compared to some lesser Indian brands, the floral scent here is excellently done, remaining soft and delicate throughout burning.

Red Sandal is an exquisite sandalwood incense with a fiery, floral character. A recognised favourite and a masterclass of Indian incense. As is typical for Shroff, the scent is layered and beautifully complex. Spicy, woody, floral and sweet with hints of caramel.

Sandal Flora is a smooth floral sandalwood with rose overtones, similar to Red Sandal but without the spice. Delicate, floral and woody and as expected of Shroff florals, the scent is authentic, capturing the likeness of natural flowers.

707 Amber Bathi is a classic amber incense with a spicy, slightly citrus profile that’s typical of traditional Shroff Channabasappa recipes. This is a great interpretation of a traditional amber masala.

Amber Boquet is a deluxe floral variation on a traditional amber incense and is one of the standout scents of the dry masala range. Smooth and seductive offering a beautiful blend of amber and florals. Similar to the 707 Amber, there are also spicy citrusy notes typical of Shroff’s amber recipes.

Mysore Musk has a sweet musky scent with notes of oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli. A brilliant interpretation of a classic musk incense.

Mysore Sandal is a classic incense made using high quality Indian sandalwood. A strong incense with a silky-smooth tone, evocative of walking through a forest of ancient trees.

Soft Masalas

Shroff’s soft/wet masalas feature beautiful incense aromas often with a more modern character.
Little Woods is an evocative evergreen incense with a sweet-spicy woody aroma. This is one of the most popular incenses of the Shroff range and an example of superb incense craftmanship.

Mogra is a floral-sweet incense with a dominant jasmine note. A beautifully complex blend and one Shroff's greatest floral masalas.

Jungle Prince has a mysterious aroma, deeply woody and animalistic with slight floral notes. This is certainly one of the most unique incenses of the Shroff range and most renowned. The scent is complex, continually revealing new layers of fragrance.

Saffron is a luxurious floral incense made using authentic saffron. Unique, deep, and sweet with hints of cherry and rose. One of Shroff's most loved incenses at an excellent price with the use of saffron essential oil.

Pearl is the gem of the incense world. A beautifully fresh sweet floral incense with a dominant lavender note and a hint of citrus. Like many Shroff incenses, this scent is multi-layered and complex, revealing its splendour with each burn.

Silver Oud is a dark-sweet agarwood with a slight spiciness. This oud incense is a beautiful agarwood interpretation with a complex twist, typical of Shroff's soft masalas.

Raja Yoga is an earthy green champa with a fresh and dark-sweet scent. Floral notes add a unique character to this incense and make for an impressive hybrid.

We are proud to be selling authentic Shroff and we hope you enjoy these wonderful incenses as much as we have! It’s exciting to be expanding our Indian incense range, especially with brands we love. As always, if you’d like a recommendation please let us know and if you enjoyed your incense we’d love to know your thoughts.


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  • Sandya Narayanswami on


    I suggest you add Shroff Green Durbar to your collection. It is one of my favorites and I used to order a lot of it from Essence of the Ages, now closed, sadly.

    I love the Shroff line!!

  • Stuart Grant on

    So so glad to get to experience Shroff incense after reading about them on olfactory rescue service years ago.After sampling most of them my absolute favourites are 707 Amber bathi,so beautiful and resinous and desert island scent,followed by Jungle prince,and Amber bouquet.Really hope you get the other Shroff ambers in to try at some point 😊 ✨🕊

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