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Welcome to Lotus Zen! We are an online UK incense store dedicated to peaceful living and mental wellness. We supply high quality, specialist Japanese and Indian incense sticks from reputable brands to give you the best incense experiences. Shop our popular incenses below:

The Art Of Fragrance...

For us, incense is the art of fragrance, expertly crafted by artisans. Incense sticks have been used all over the world, in different religious and spiritual contexts for thousands of years to calm the mind, set a space for meditation and to appreciate evocative aromas.

This month's featured incense range is 'Absolute' from Pure Incense. The Absolute range from Pure Incense uses increased quality and quantity of natural oils and fragrances with fewer base ingredients to give a potent, rich aromatic experience. The incense sticks in this range perform incredibly well and easily fill a room with beautiful fragrance. These incense sticks are also ideal for burning outside during the summer months,

Shop by Supplier

We offer incense from several manufactures. Take a look at our supplier's pages below. Shop incense sticks from Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Baieido, Les Encens du Monde, The Mother's India Fragrances and Pure Incense. We've chosen these suppliers for their excellence in quality and scent.

Why Lotus Zen?

We are one of the leading online UK incense stores with a reputation for excellent customer service and buyer experience. All incense sticks from our suppliers' have been personally tested for quality and scent, when you shop with us, you are guaranteed the best quality incense sticks.

Lotus zen is also more than just an incense store, we want to help improve mental wellness through Buddhist wisdom and promote peaceful living. This passion for Buddhism sits at the heart of our small company. We also donate 5% of every order to environmental charities that support global reforestation projects. You can read more about our Nature's Way programme here.