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Japanese incense sticks are loved for their refined, subtle and complex aromas, ranging from floral and woody to singular scents. Japanese incense sticks don't use a bamboo core and offer a great option if you prefer less smoke. Take a look at our Japanese incense suppliers: ShoyeidoNippon KodoMinorien, Baieido, Gyokushodo, Les Encens du Monde, Tennendo, Ume Incense and more or check out this month's featured Japanese incense sticks below:

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There are many manufacturers of Japanese incense sticks, each have their own unique specialities. All incense sold here at Lotus Zen is of the highest quality, we only supply Japanese incense from brands we've tried and tested. Shop high quality Japanese Incense sticks from ShoyeidoNippon KodoMinorien, Baieido, Gyokushodo, Les Encens du Monde, Tennendo, Ume Incense and more. We've chosen these manufactures for their excellence in quality and scent.  Take a look at our Japanese incense suppliers below:

The Art of Japanese Incense

The art and appreciation for Japanese incense is known as Koh-do or ‘listening to incense’. Japanese incense doesn’t contain a bamboo core and so is much subtler and less potent than Indian varieties. The craftsmanship of this incense is phenomenal. Even after years of experiencing the same incense, you'll find new notes to each fragrance. There is a communication between the incense artisan and the user, a communication through fragrance. You can learn more about the art of Japanese Incense here.