Nippon Kodo are one of the world leaders in Japanese incense. They create unique specialist incense ranging from accessible to premium. The production of Nippon Kodo's incense comes from closely guarded preparation skills that are over 400 years old, based on writings by Takai Juemon on the mixture of aromatic woods.

Nippon Kodo Collections

Morning Star | Nippon Kodo - Lotus Zen Incense
Ka-Fuh | Nippon Kodo - Lotus Zen Incense
Kayuragi | Nippon Kodo
Hana-no-Hana | Nippon Kodo
Aloeswood Incense | Oedo-Koh by Nippon Kodo
Scentsual | Nippon Kodo - Lotus Zen Incense
Mainichi-Koh | Nippon Kodo - Lotus Zen Incense
Eiju | Nippon Kodo - Lotus Zen Incense
Premium Incense | Nippon Kodo
Kyara (Aloeswood) Gold | Seiun by Nippon Kodo

About Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo’s founding objective was ‘to bring the culture of incense to the world’ and today, more than 400 years since its inception, Nippon Kodo are one of the leading Japanese incense brands in the world. Nippon Kodo is particularly popular with western audiences due to their creative packaging and perfume-like fragrances.

Many of the enduring fragrances Nippon Kodo produce today are based on the company’s original scent blends created during the Meiji restoration period in the 19th century. This period was a time of modernisation for Japan as they opened their doors to world.

Nippon Kodo's incense ranges from traditional premium blends to contemporary home fragrances. Their premium range captures the scent of traditional Japanese incense, making use of pure aloeswoods and sandalwoods. Nippon Kodo's contemporary home fragrances are more perfume-like, often paired with a creative story. One of the most famous lines from the Nippon Kodo catalogue is Morning Star, a collection of pure singular frgrances from cedarwood and pine to jasmine and lotus.

Passing On Incense Culture

One of Nippon Kodo's main objectives has always been to bring incense culture to a mainstream audience beyond Japan. The increase in popularity of Japanese incense in the west is in great part due to this objective and the mass appeal of Nippon Kodo's fragrances. They also aim to take traditional Japanese incense tradition into the future in forms that fit with the times.