New Arrivals: Japanese incense by Minorien

New Arrivals: Minorien Fu-in

As Autumn sets in, we're excited to introduce the latest addition to our Japanese incense range at Lotus Zen: Minorien Fu-in. Minorien are producers of traditional all-natural Japanese incense, aiming to combine the culture of prayer and fragrance. They use high quality ingredients and are renowned for their signature ‘wet’ impression. 

The Fu-in series is named after the soft essence you feel after ‘listening’ to each scent and features unique blends of Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Frankincense and Kyara.

Incense Overview

Byakudan Fu-in is a timeless ‘Old Mountain’ scent made using pure Mysore Sandalwood from southern India. An incredibly soft incense and similar in scent to high-end Indian dhoop sandalwoods.

Aloeswood Fu-in is an alluring blend featuring a combination of carefully selected Thai and Indonesian aloeswood. This is a masterful aloeswood incense with Minorien’s signature ‘wet’ fragrance. Deep, rich and bitter-sweet.

Frankincense Fu-in is a smooth frankincense blend made using high quality frankincense resin and woods. Dry, resinous and bold.

Kyara Fu-in features rare, highly resinous aloeswoods from south-central Vietnam. It offers a mysterious aroma with Minorien's signature 'wet' style, suitable for daily use and special occasions.

Easing into Autumn

We're proud to be suplying Minorien's renowned Fu-in collection and hope to continue expanding our incense range further. As always, we welcome your questions, comments and feedback and wish you a peaeceful time as we ease into the autumnal months. 

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