Top 10 Incense Sticks for Beginners

For those new to incense, we realise the choice of scents to choose from can be slightly overwhelming! That's why we've put together this top 10 list of best-selling incense for beginners. If you can't make your mind up, these are a great place to start:

1. Autumn Leaves | Daily Incense by Shoyeido

A very clever recipe that evokes the mood and colour of autumn. Woody, with sweet notes of cinnamon and benzoin. This is a warm incense and perfect to burn throughout the autumnal months!

Keywords: Spicy, sweet
Best for: Daily incense, autumnal and winter months

2. Cherry Blossoms | Daily Incense by Shoyeido

This is one of the most distinctive scents from the Daily Incense range. A complex, sweet blend that evokes the smell of Japanese springtime. A smooth sandalwood base perfectly compliments the sweet top note of cherry fragrance.

Keywords: Fruity, floral, woody
Best for: Daily incense, those who like sweet incenses

3. Little Woods | Incense by Shroff Channabasappa

Little Woods is an evocative evergreen incense with a sweet-spicy woody aroma. This is one of the most popular incenses of the Shroff range and an example of superb incense craftmanship.

Keywords: Woody, sugary
Best for: Meditation and those who like strong incense 

4. Hinoki | Ka-Fuh by Nippon Kodo

This is a delicate, light fragrance reminiscent of a forest of cypress trees. Perfect for those who prefer low smoke.

Keywords: Woody, light, fresh
Best for: Relaxation, those who prefer less smoke

5. Nag Champa Gold | Incense Sticks by Temple of Incense

This Nag Champa Gold incense is a traditionally made example of a time-honoured favourite. Originally from the treasured Happy Hari incense range, these are produced by a small family business in India, making their incense to secret recipes handed down through generations, especially for temple worship.

Keywords: Nag champa, floral, sweet
Best for: Yoga, meditation

6. Vanilla | Morning Star by Nippon Kodo

Vanilla is a sweet, spicy and sensual scent used around the world for fragrance and cooking. This stick from Morning Star smells like warm baked cookies...

Keywords: Sweet, warm, vanilla
Best for: Those who like sweet scents, great incense for Christmas time

7. Kobunboku Range by Baieido

The Kobunboku range offers a great introduction to traditional spicy/woody Japanese incense blends.

KeywordsWoody, spicy, traditional, subtle
Best for: Meditation, those who like woody scents

8. Perfumed Prince | Karin by Les Encens du Monde

Perfumed Prince is a good place to start if you'd like to experience modern Japanese incense blends. A seductive blend of amber, floral and woody scents make this incense elegant and sensual.

KeywordsModern, floral, sweet
Best for: Relaxation, those who like unique scents

9. Ganesh by The Mother's India

The Mother's India create excellent quality nag champa incense. Ganesh is a masterpiece, rich and sumptuous, feminine and happy. An exceptionally clean, well balanced and warm incense.

Keywords: Nag champa, lavender
Best for: Meditation/yoga, stronger incense

10. Om by The Mother's India

Om is an 'aromatic nirvana' of cassia, vanilla and amber, and has become a firm favourite for fans of The Mother's India Fragrances. Well balanced with opening notes of sweet, soft vanilla, followed by richer notes of Indian temple fragrance Champa.

Keywords: Nag champa, vanilla and cassia
Best for: Meditation/yoga, stronger incense

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