New Arrivals: Ume, Horin & Temple of Incense

Ume, Horin & Temple of Incense

This season we're excited to be introducing new incense from Ume, Shoyeido and Temple of Incense.

Just last month, we expanded our Temple of Incense range, adding six new fragrances ranging from floral, fruity, citrus and spiced. Incense from this range use all-natural, vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients. If you're looking for high quality Indian incense, you can't get much better than these!

Earlier this season, we introduced Ume's premium incense sticks. These specialist Japanese style sticks are inspired by the ancient art of incense making and blended with refined plant material, sacred resins, medicinal herbs & precious incense woods to give an elegant cloud and profound scent. Ume's incense is on par with top Japanese incense brands, skillfully created and environmentally conscious.

Most recently, we began stocking Shoyeido's Horin range. This is one of Shoyeido’s most impressive and unique incense lines featuring six premium blends that fuse modern with traditional scents. These incenses were originally in coil form but are now available as shorter sticks, ranging from fresh and floral to green and woody. Each evocative blend is named after a period or location in Japan's history and fill homes with exquisite fragrances.

It's always exciting to be expanding our incense catalogue and we look forward to supplying these new additions. 

Wishing you a cozy autumn.

LZ. x

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