7 Incense Sticks Perfect for Autumn

Of all the seasons, autumn is great for burning incense. The woody, sweet spicy aromas perfectly compliment the autumnal months. Autumn incense sticks often include ingredients such as cinnamon, clove and agarwood to create feelings of warmth and cosiness! Here are 7 of our top incense sticks for autumn...

1. Autumn Leaves, Daily Incense by Shoyeido

The name says it all! Created over 30 years ago to evoke the autumnal splendour of Kyoto's Arashiyama district, Kyoto Autumn Leaves is a true classic within the world of incense. This autumnal incense perfectly captures the scent of autumn with Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Benzoin and spices.

In Japan, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons as the trees turn vivid hues of red, yellow and orange. Kyoto's Arashiyama district is home to Temples, Villas and natural attractions which really come to life in the autumnal months. 

2. Hinoki, Ka-fuh by Nippon Kodo

Hinoki from the Ka-fuh range by Nippon Kodo has a delicate scent, fragranced with the aroma of a forest of Cypress trees. A dry and fresh aroma, reminiscent of Cedar and Pine forests. This autumn incense is woody, fresh and light, like the scent of Cypress trees drifting through the wind. 

Japanese Cypress trees are indeed native to Central Japan and East Asia. They are one of Japan's most valued timber trees and give off a lovely aroma.

3. Amethyst, Jewel by Shoyeido

Amethyst is a silky combination of sandalwood and cinnamon, a great combination of ingredients to inspire the feelings of autumn! This autumnal incense also includes a nice little ceramic incense holder which is great for newbies to Japanese incense

4. Amrita, Nag Champa by The Mother's India Fragrances

Amrita is a lovely sweet, floral cinnamon blend that acts as a great incense for autumn. This warm spicy sweet aroma is a great companion through the colder months. Indian incense sticks are often smokier than Japanese varieties so you can enjoy watching the calming shapes and swirls of incense smoke. 

'Cinnamon, blended with earthy patchouli and cedarwood, forming a warm, rustic blend of earthy woods and scintillating spices.'

5. Oudh, Nag Champa by The Mother's India Fragrances

This autumnal incense is deep, warm, floral and unique. A great incense to burn anytime but definitely a perfect scent for autumn and winter months. Oudh is a warm, velvety agarwood, deep, rich and sensuous. 

So, if you're a lover of autumn and want to compliment the changing of seasons with autumnal incense, these are a great choice. Spicy, sweet, woody and warm.

Let us know your favourite autumnal incense scents in the comments! 

6. White Cloud, Daily Incense by Shoyeido

White cloud is a warm, woody, dark sandalwood that perfectly compliments the autumn and winter months. There's a slight citrus hint to the background of this incense which helps lighten the darker sandalwood.

7. Sweet White Sage, Scentsual by Nippon Kodo

This is one of the boldest fragrances from the Scentsual range and most popular. Nippon Kodo have captured well the scent of sweet burning sage making this incense reminiscent of air purification ceremonies performed by many. An excellent blend and perfect for burning during the autumn and winter months. 


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