Renzan (Aloeswood) | Premium Incense by Tennendo
Renzan (Aloeswood) | Premium Incense by Tennendo
Renzan (Aloeswood) | Premium Incense by Tennendo
Renzan (Aloeswood) | Premium Incense by Tennendo

Renzan (Aloeswood) | Premium Incense by Tennendo

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Renzan is a sweet, cherry-blossom like aloeswood blended with sandalwood, cinnamon and spices. A complex dry woody incense, very approachable and a great introduction to traditional Japanese fragrances. 

  • A blend of premium aloeswood, sandalwood, cinnamon and spices
  • Premium Japanese incense
  • 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic oils or fragrances
  • Made in Japan
  • Approx. 450 sticks, 30 mins per stick
  • Length: 5.5"

Tennendo's premium incense range features exquisite traditional Japanese incense. Their collection of premium aloeswood, sandalwood and musk incenses are beautifully crafted, subtle and complex. 

Tennendo was founded during the Genna Era in the year 1622 and currently based in Kurume City on the island of Kyushu, Japan. They have a reputation for making excellent blends using high quality sandalwood, aloeswood, spices and other raw ingredients. They are best known for their Frankincense sticks, which are arguably the highest quality frankincense incense in the world. 

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Customer Reviews

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連山 (Renzan)

Renzan is complex; savoury, musky, woody and sweet.
Leaves a pleasant lingering scent.
Box art is striking and matches the deep fragrance. Excellent incense.


As always, buying incense via the internet can be hit or miss, mostly relying on subjective reviews.
Having been a long-time fan of Tennendo's Omani frankincense I had to try this 'Renzan'premium .

On opening the box the initial fragrance was distinctly what I would describe as deep 'Muskuline', peppery and sweet, with a hint of liquorice., not at all unpleasant.
However, on lighting the incense the aroma changed to become a wonderful spicy musk, with hint of cherry. It is indeed a complex, multilayered incense.
With a light hardly noticeable smoke, It leaves little ash residue, indicating the quality of the base ingredients
The lingering after odour is also agreeable, something that is not often mentioned.

This Renzan premium has now become a firm favourite of mine.
As in the description, this is a most excellent introduction to Japanese fragrance. Try it, you won't be disappointed.