Adjustable Metal Incense Resin Burner | Charcoal-free
Adjustable Metal Incense Resin Burner | Charcoal-free
Adjustable Metal Incense Resin Burner | Charcoal-free

Adjustable Metal Incense Resin Burner | Charcoal-free

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Melting resins in a metal pan is a tried and tested way of smoking resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh without the need for charcoal (just a tealight!). This burner is adjustable, so you can control the temperature and intensity of the burn. 

Directions for use:
Place a tealight at the base of the burner. Place your resin of choice inside the metal pan and wait for it to heat up. Once hot enough, your resins will start to smoke slightly. Depending on the strength of your tealight and height of the metal pan, the time will vary. Do not leave unattended.

Dimensions: 16cm x 9.5cm

  • Handmade. Zero Waste. Cruelty Free.
  • Metal and Copper pan
  • Suitable for frankincense and resins
  • Beautiful black and gold design

If you'd like to learn more about burning incense resins, take a look at our guide.

Our holders and burners at Lotus Zen have been carefully picked for their design, quality and function. Take a look at our full range here

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect..........and a tip.

This works beautifully, and is aesthetically pleasing as well. Tip: when the resin has melted it can be a bit tricky to clean - cut out circles of tin foil, the lids from the resin containers make a good template, these will hold the resin and once cooled peel off easily.


So much less faff, mess, and smoke than using charcoal (I was barely burning my resin incense any more because the charcoal marred the experience). This is the best designed candle resin burner I've found. It's held in place by its own weight: the pan tips downwards and so holds itself in place by friction (apologies for not describing it very well). To adjust the height, you just hold the handle and tip the arm so the pan lifts a little making it parallel with the ground, then move it to where you want it, let go carefully and the pan tips down again and holds itself in place. No messing with a screw like others. Mind you don't do what I did and move it so close to the flame that the beautiful copper pan gets a discoloured patch from overheating (maybe it would have gone like that anyway, I don't know). Anyway, highly recommended.

manuelle horn
Very good burner

Very good item..simple but elegant and does the job perfectly thank you