About Les Encens du Monde

"True project manager, AROMANDISE imagines, creates, develops and distributes its products of natural scents and organic groceries under the brands Les Encens du Monde, Hildegarde de Bingen, Fleurs à Croquer and Cristaux d'Hoiles Essentielles. The latter, which are each benchmark in their field in France and in Europe, were built around the same founding project:

- Defend, promote and appreciate the knowledge and products of the world, in the areas of the art of living and well-being, 
- Design and distribute authentic and meaningful products,
- Practice our activity with active respect ecology and social and cultural equity.

Composed of passionate professionals, AROMANDISE, formerly Florisens, was founded in 1993 in Montpellier, the historical cradle of perfume renowned for its vegetable waters. She expresses all her pleasure in working and highlighting plants that delight us with their scents, flavors and virtues. The brand's DNA can be found at all levels, from design to marketing. “To the sources of good living” is addressed to reason but also to the imagination, the spiritual and the 5 senses. It reflects all the passion that drives teams to invent ever more natural and original products in terms of scents and flavors. Reflecting its know-how, the company won the SIAL Trends and Innovations award in 2010 for Essential Oil Crystals.


We ensure the quality of products put on the market by following a dynamic of improvement, including packaging with our Eco design approach. We are keen to enhance and preserve authentic scents. We want to preserve all the richness of cultures, traditions and regions of the world. We confirm the exclusive organic cultivation of all our food products. Our natural incenses are different from soaking incense (the market is invaded by 95% of sticks soaked in a mixture of perfumes and solvent). Several signs attest to the quality of our products: the 100% natural logo which confirms products without synthetic products; which periodically analyzes by chromatography the natural origin of the ingredients and the absence of synthetic molecules on the marketed products ,  the regulations in force in particular Reach and CLP which we conscientiously respect. 


The know-how, resulting from the oldest traditions, is cultivated thanks to real collaborations respecting fair trade. The ethical charter is based on social and cultural equity with Japanese, Indian, French and European partners in cooperation with local populations. We take into consideration the moral principles which it applies in an irreproachable manner. We support and accompany various projects: we are partners of Naturveda, a company from Pondicherry in New Delhi which supports local populations and their know-how; we finance humanitarian projects in New Delhi, in particular the clinic of Doctor Dolkar and the VGKK, a humanitarian organization in South India; we participate in projects of local associations of the Hérault in the field of professional reintegration.  

In addition, we are actively committed to respecting the environment in our production of products, in the operating and production conditions (no tests on animals or any degradation of nature), in our selection of transport (the boat). , in our choice of materials necessary for the realization of the packaging (solvent-free ink under the FSC and Imprim'Vert labels), in our participation in raising awareness of sorting that we clearly indicate to the consumer and in our preference for Eco-design ( use of recycled cardboard in our packaging and in our parcel shipping boxes).


All our communication disseminates our cultural and educational commitment. We take pride in the transparency of information about our products around the world. This is reflected in our packaging, our notices, our information booklets, our catalogs, our website, and training in our network of points of sale. We are active in trade fairs, exhibitions and cultural events in order to promote our promises on our values. We are surrounded by historians, connoisseurs, craftsmen, manufacturers who hold the secrets of manufacturing and thousand-year-old knowledge, which allows us to be experts in our field. 

For more than 20 years, we have been active around the construction of a coherent project on opening up to the world of well-being and the art of living, which aims to convey meaning. AROMANDISE offers an invitation to discovery and spirituality associated with pleasure and an olfactory and gustatory journey. Its products, rich in history and traditions, will truly awaken the 5 senses."